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The mystery lies within

We are desperate to know who we are. If you think about it, uncertainty is not a really good accessory for the human kind. So we are thriving, aching to find out what makes us special. And just one of the many tools that satisfies this deep dormant curiosity is (drums, please) the almighty horoscope. When it comes to zodiac signs the world is pretty much split in two: There’s the I-just-believe-in-what-I-can-understand and the but-there-is-more-to-life-than-this types.

I am of the opinion that rational people, the ones that usually come with a technical background and talk with algorithms instead of words, are not only against astrology but against illusion, the unknown, Schrödinger's cat. They fear the lack of certainty and refuse to accept anything that cannot be explained by logic, impartially. They are the ones that have facts for breakfast and are regulated by structure, order, morality. You might have heard “Horoscopes are bullshit, are ambiguous, and can be applied to every single living form”.

Then comes that juicy daily horoscope hidden among your friends' Instagram stories. The mystical types are the forever unsatisfied ones. Longing for more, dreaming to savour the uniqueness of the ambiguous. They hang on a puzzle, they are the questions. Always willing to embrace the grey zone, the unseen energies that move us, the kingdom of feelings. The “but what if” people, probably driven by insecurity, certainly thriving for attention. “Look at this, it’s so me, I swear I’m a Gemini.”

As for me (do you even have to guess?) I've read my daily dose of self-assurance, including a hint straight from the stars. It says something like this:

We get it, Gemini. There isn’t enough time to do all the things that you want to do, that you feel called to do. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot devote your time and energy to at least one of the gifts that are calling for your attention at this moment. Remember, you came here for a reason. You came here to embody joy and allow for creative expansion.

Cosmic tip: pay attention to the gifts that are calling for your attention.

Well, let’s be honest, this applies 200%. Everyone knows I’m all about unfinished businesses. This weekend I wanted to sew, draw, write and play the piano. I ended up checking none of the above. Maybe I should have listened to at least one of these callings and now I wouldn’t be questioning my mind’s health. Does it apply only to me? Probably not. Is it just me then, my own desire, who wants so badly to be sorted out and understood by the cosmic intelligence? Probably yes.

I stopped typing and had a long sip of coffee.

But really, how’s the horoscope different from an investing playbook? We’re all in need of guidance of some sort. You might prefer scientific methods, and that’s okay. Others might go and have their life predicted with crystal gazing. And that’s okay too. Because it all comes down to one single thing: relief. The comfort of knowing (feeling) what’s next. It doesn’t matter if you're fascinated by the enigma or by the fact you want to solve it because between being all the same and feeling extremely unique… There is a full range of possibilities.



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